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Special Needs Planning

We partner with families and their special needs loved ones to help them find balance and prioritize their financial plan in order to pursue the goals that are important to them.


At Phoenix Wealth Partners, we are dedicated to providing planning solutions for families with a special needs family member. Our process involves comprehensive planning and addresses the needs of individuals with disabilities to provide lifelong care. Our planning encompasses the utilization of government benefits in coordination with legal and financial planning, including annual reviews. As your advocates, we can provide the skills and information needed to establish special needs trusts, connect you with the right attorneys and much more.

If you and your family are in this situation, we will work with you to help:

  • Simplify the intricacies of Social Security and Medicaid.  
  • Establish financial strategies to provide support for your child.
  • Develop a plan for ongoing care.
  • Help guide you on designating trustees and drafting a letter of intent.

Nothing is more important than family. We dedicate ourselves to promoting the lifetime care and wellbeing of your special needs family member.