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Socially & Environmentally Responsible Investing

Through socially responsible, green, and impact investing, we want to align an individual's financial strategies with their values of living a sustainable, responsible, and compassionate life.


Many of our clients are interested in socially responsible, green, and impact investing and seek to make the world a better place. But what are these investment strategies and what do they mean for your portfolio?

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Socially responsible investing is an option for clients considering both financial return and social good. There are many subsets to SRI (like impact investing and green investing mentioned below), and there are different ways to approach SRI depending on your goals. For example, you may want to avoid investing in companies who further toxic behavior like smoking.

Impact Investing

According to Investopedia, impact investing “aims to generate specific beneficial social or environmental effects, in addition to financial gain.” To many of our clients, this means investing in companies that make an effort to promote women to leadership roles, encourage diversity among their staff, and care about what impact their company is having on the environment.

Green Investing

Green investing is a subset of SRI and focuses exclusively on companies that are committed to the conservation of natural resources, the production and discovery of alternative energy sources, the implementation of clean air and water projects, and other environmentally conscious business practices. One common misconception is that green investments can’t produce the same returns, but this isn’t the case and we love to educate our clients on the vast resources available for green investing.

If you would like more information about these investing initiatives, contact us today to learn more.