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A Plan for You

When we look at a client’s financial life, we view it as a blank canvas. Once we understand your desired outcome, we provide the tools and strategies to help you create it. And just like art, even if everyone is equipped with the same paintbrushes and materials, each piece will end up looking different based on the artist’s vision. We have a clearly defined process to help take you step-by-step through your financial journey.

First, we will work together to discover the image you want to create for you and your family. What are your values, goals, and concerns? How does your current financial situation compare to where you hope to be in the future?

Next, we will have a development meeting, where we review your documents, discuss your planning needs and risk tolerance, and begin the planning process.

We will then meet to review your plan projection, which will model where you are in your journey towards your goals. We will identify actionable steps to take and will have several follow-up meetings to implement your financial strategy.

We will then look at the investment vehicles and strategies to help you paint the picture you are imagining through asset alignment. Like the materials that an artist turns to, these methods are a means to an end to crafting the picture that is right for you.

One of the most important steps is our plan protection meeting, where we make sure your plan is developed to withstand market and life changes and answer any questions you may have about the solutions we have chosen.

Our connection meeting is one of our favorite steps because we take the time to put all the pieces we have worked so hard on together, align you and your family with key partners, and get your plan going. Your final masterpiece is something to be proud of!

Lastly, we continually monitor your progress and make changes to your plan when necessary. We walk with you throughout every step of the way and continue to educate and empower you.

Your financial plan is your masterpiece. Let us be the teacher and advisor to help turn that blank canvas into your own work of art.

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