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LGBTQ Planning

We strive to advise individuals, partners, and organizations on unique ways to build effective financial strategies in an ever-changing financial market and legislative environment.


Today’s social and investing landscape is always changing. Gone are the days of a nuclear family, a single breadwinner, and a single-generation household. We know that family planning is for everyone — same-sex couples, families with adopted or foster children, multi-generational households, and single parent homes. But with all of these evolving values, the majority of financial planning has remained stagnant.

There is countless research illustrating how underserved communities, including the LGBTQ community, approach wealth creation with hesitation and distrust. We understand that these individuals have been neglected, yet deserve the right to learn how to effectively plan for their financial futures. We understand the importance of helping all walks of life and with the endless legislation changes influencing the LGBTQ community, you deserve the same wealth creation strategies and protections as your heterosexual counterparts.

Whether this is your first time considering working with a financial professional or are looking to switch to a firm that understands your needs, we encourage you to reach out if you have questions.